Shock Wave Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Shock wave therapy is a treatment method in which high-pressure sound waves are sent to different points of the penis, triggering the formation of vessels, against the erection problem.

With shock wave therapy, it is possible to offer a permanent solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. The working principle of the treatment, in short, is to accelerate the blood circulation in the area of the problem and to enable the patient’s body to react to this situation.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the failure to attain and maintain a sufficient erection for sexual activity in men. If this situation is occasional, there is no need for alarm. However, if it is persistent, though, it can create stress, diminish self-confidence, and exacerbate relationship issues.

Problems achieving or maintaining an erection may also indicate an underlying health problem that requires treatment and be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Despite the patients often ashamed of that, they should discuss erectile dysfunction with their doctor if they are concerned about it. Occasionally, addressing the underlying cause is sufficient to heal the problem. In certain instances, medication or other therapies may be required such as shockwave.

What is Shock Wave Treatment?

ESWT stands for the abbreviation of the English term for the procedure, which means extracorporeal shock wave therapy. Shock wave therapy, which was previously used in the treatment of kidney stones in the medical literature, has also started to perform in the branch of Andrology in recent years. One of the important advantages of the treatment is that it can be applied to a very large group of patients. The results are highly successful in people who are suitable for the operation.


Suitability for the Shock Wave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Shock wave therapy can be applied to men who have erection problems and cannot get results from oral medicines. The following conditions are known to cause erectile dysfunction:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Cigarette consumption
  • Obesite
  • High cholesterol

How is Shock Wave Therapy Applied for Erectile Dysfunction?

Patients who want to eliminate the erection problem with the help of shock waves are subjected to an average of 10 or 12 sessions. Treatment is applied gradually, with breaks. In the first stage, the patient takes 2 sessions in 2-3 weeks, then rests for the same period.

A single session of shock wave therapy, which proceeds in a similar way, takes about 15-20 minutes. Low-intensity sound waves are performed on different parts of the penis for an average of 3 minutes. The results of the therapy are usually seen from the first sessions. It is very important to complete the treatment in order to permanently eliminate the erection dysfunction problem.

What are the Advantages of Shock Wave Therapy?

Feedback from patients who underwent shock wave therapy proves that the procedure has comfortable procedure and shows that the results are quite successful. Listed below are the prominent advantages of the application:

  • The patient does not feel the effect of the sound waves applied to his penis.
  • No pain is felt during the operation or in the following days. Since there is no surgical intervention, no anesthetic drugs are used.
  • Shock wave therapy has no known side effects.
  • The patients can go back to their daily life immediately after the treatment.
  • Since successful results are obtained from shockwave therapy, patients do not need to use drugs for erectile dysfunction later.


  • How much does shock wave therapy cost for erectile dysfunction?

Shockwave treatment costs vary depending on different factors such as the experience of the doctor performing the application, the quality of the devices used, and where the treatment is applied.

  • Are shock wave therapy results permanent?

Although the use of shock wave therapy against erection problems is not very old, the results obtained so far are quite satisfactory.

  • Can I go back to my daily life after shock wave therapy?

After receiving shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction, the patients can go back to their daily routines. It is recommended to avoid heavy exercise for only a few days.

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Shock Wave Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction
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