Shock Wave (ESWT) Theraphy for Chronic Prostatitis

Treating chronic prostatitis is difficult, although it is a common disease that has a negative impact on young men’s quality of life. You can read our article about chronic prostatitis here.

Even though chronic prostatitis can be treated with current methods, standard treatments might be unable to adequately improve the quality of life of some patients. In these cases, alternative treatment methods other than current treatments are considered. Shock wave treatment is one of the most preferred alternative methods due to its high effectiveness and low side effects.

What is ESWT?

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT),one of the greatest gifts of technology to medicine, increases blood flow and healing effects. Shock wave ESWT treatment, which has been applied since the 1980s and is preferred for kidney stone treatment, is now applied to the andrology area.

How does ESWT Affect Chronic Prostatitis?

There are multiple effects of shock wave treatment on chronic prostatitis.

  • The dormant stem cells in the prostate are activated, thus promoting tissue healing.
  • The vessels are improved, and blood circulation is increased to stimulate tissue healing and inflammation reduction.
  • The procedure stimulates stem cell movement to the prostate.
  • Signal transmission in the prostate is regulated, and inflammation is decreased.


How is ESWT Applied to Treat Prostatitis?

For prostatitis, ESWT is applied between the testicles and the anus using a special tip. The procedure can be applied over 6–12 sessions depending on the symptoms. Each session takes approximately 20–25 minutes.

Do I have a High Chance of Benefiting From ESWT?

The most important factors that determine the benefit of ESWT treatment are the severity of the disease and the compatibility of the patient with the treatment. Therefore, patients must consult a doctor as soon as possible to determine whether this treatment is right for them. The chance of success significantly increases when combined with stem cell treatment. A success rate in excess of 90% can be achieved from combined treatments to eliminate chronic prostatitis symptoms.

ESWT Side Effects

ESWT does not have any side effects. Therefore, this method is preferred for all prostatitis patients, other than acute bacterial prostatitis cases. The main treatment for acute bacterial prostatitis is antibiotic treatments.

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Shock Wave (ESWT) Theraphy for Chronic Prostatitis
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