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Penile Enlargement with Tissue Engineering - EN - Dr. Yaşar Başağa
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Penile Enlargement with Tissue Engineering 

The increasing demand for aestethic surgery among women in recent years has also increased men’s interest in cosmetic surgery. Penile enlargement has become one of the most demanded surgeries, especially in the last 5 years, and demand for this surgery has continued to rise. As such, many men may wonder if permanent penile enlargement is possible. At this point, penile enlargement with tissue engineering comes into play.

What is Tissue Engineering?

Tissue engineering produces missing tissues in a laboratory setting, and these tissues are then transplanted to the body. In line with technological developments in stem cells, tissue engineering has also undergone rapid developments. In tissue engineering, cells are added to a tissue surface called the matrix to create tissues for specific applications.

Is Tissue Engineering Practiced in Our Country?

Our country has the technological infrastructure and applications necessary to support tissue engineering technology. This technology and its relevant techniques have been successfully applied at our clinic.

I Decided to Pursue Tissue Engineering.How does the Process Work?

After the patient and surgeon decide on the tissue engineering process, the cell type for tissue engineering is selected. After this decision, special permission will be received from the Ministry of Health. Cellular treatments cannot be freely applied by anyone. Therefore, certain regulations and auditing mechanisms are in place. After receiving the necessary permissions, the tissue is prepared in the laboratory setting. The tissues are then transplanted after quality control tests.

Are Tissue Engineering Applications Dangerous?

Transplanting tissues designed in high-tech laboratories by expert doctors following suitable quality-control tests pose no danger to human health, and there are no known side effects.

Penis Enlargement with Tissue Engineering

What are the Advantages of Penile Enlargement With Tissue Engineering?

Three main methods are employed at the thickening stage of penile enlargement surgeries:

  1. Fat injection,
  2. Thickening with fillers,
  3. Penile enlargement with tissue engineering.

Comparing these three methods, penile enlargement with tissue engineering offers more permanent and uniform penile enlargement options. When injecting fat and filler, they might change location, and this might cause shape irregularities. In contrast, tissue engineering offers both uniform and permanent thicknesses.

Another advantage is that the tissue between the penis and pelvic bone that prevents the root of the penis from bonding with the tissues will make the enlargement more distinct and permanent.

How much will the Penis get Bigger With Tissue Engineering?

The main purpose of tissue engineering is to increase the thickness of the penis. It is possible to increase the penis circumference by around 5–8 cm with tissue engineering. These calculations are based on the penis size of individuals, and disproportional and inaesthetic penis anatomies are prevented.

How Long Will Patients be Hospitalized After Penis Enlargement Surgery With Tissue Engineering?

General anesthesia is required for transplanting tissue engineering products. Therefore, one day of hospitalization might be necessary. Patients can go back to their daily lives in 3–4 days.

Tissue Engineering Prices

Tissue engineering is an effective treatment performed in clinics with high technological capabilities. This method will prevent further treatments for the patient. Thus, workforce and financial losses due to repeated procedures will be prevented. It is important to remember that these treatments will have lifelong effects after the initial cost. The hospital, laboratory, and surgeon’s experience with tissue engineering are more important than the price.

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