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Penile Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement is a special surgery applied to men who want to have a bigger and thicker penis. It is carried out with two different methods, the details of which are given below.

Both procedures can be diversified with personalized methods. For this reason, men who have a request for penis enlargement should know that more than one procedure or a combination of these can be performed according to their anatomical structures.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is an operation that increases the self-confidence of men and opens the doors to a healthy sexual life. We offer high-quality services in the field of male genital aesthetics with techniques specific to our clinic.

Sexuality and Basic Instinct

Sexuality is a phenomenon involving complex relationships between couples and basic reproductive instincts. Having a large penis has promised “potency” and better sex life since ancient times. Anatomically, the structure that provides orgasm in women is the clitoris. The clitoris is not only female external genitalia as people perceive it. The clitoris has 2 legs similar to the penile corpus cavernosum. The movement of these legs basically provides orgasm in women.

This part of the clitoris is located in the first 4-5 cm of the vagina in women. In fact, an 8 cm penis would be enough when erected for these legs to move. But, as we just mentioned, sexuality is a very complex structure and anatomical explanations alone will not suffice. A longer and thicker penis can be more attractive to many women.

Penis consists of 2 parts, the inner part and the outer part, each of which is called the crus and is attached to the pelvis by ligaments. It is not possible to extend both parts with surgical methods. However, it is possible to make the penis appear longer by making the inner part of the penis protrude or by manipulations that will make the outer part appear larger.

Penis Enlargement Methods

If we explain the techniques in detail:

  • Cutting the Suspensory Ligament

The suspensory ligament is the name given to the ligament that suspends the penis to the pelvis. The penis is connected to the anterior abdominal wall by the fundiform ligament and the pelvis by the suspensory ligament. These ligaments allow the penis to point upward during an erection. With the cutting of these ligaments, the inner part of the penis protrudes and approximately 2-4 cm elongation is achieved. Since the penis will be more horizontal while erect, the penis appears a little longer. During the surgery, 90-95% of the ligament should be cut and the penis should be completely released. It is very important not to damage the blood vessels in the back of the penis. It is a risk-free surgery when performed by experienced hands.

  • Pubic Liposuction

The fat tissue in the upper part of the penis causes the penis to be buried. This condition is called a buried penis. Buried penis is more common due to sedentary living conditions and negativities brought by modern life. Pubic liposuction is a method that can be performed with the help of a small needle. When combined with other methods, it helps to provide 1-2 cm extra elongation of the penis.

  • Suprapubic V-Y Plasty

It is not usually applied alone, but it must be applied with combination treatments. V-Y plasty is based on suturing the “V” incision on the skin above the penis in a “Y” shape. It moves the starting point of the penis about 2 cm forward. Thus, it contributes to the appearance of the penis longer.

  • Scrotal Web Excision

The lower part of the penis is adjacent to the sac that surrounds the testicles, called the scrotum. In some patients, there is a ligament between these two parts. Cutting this ligament with an easy surgical procedure allows the lower part of the penis to be released and appear larger.

Penis Thickening Methods

As we mentioned in the first part of our article, penis thickness has a more important place for an adequate sexual life. Our clinical experience on 500 cases performed in our clinic shows us that patient satisfaction is higher when penis enlargement surgeries are combined with thickening surgeries. If we examine the penis thickening techniques:

1) Fat Injection

It is the most commonly used penile thickening method today. The procedure is a fat grafting procedure. In other words, fat tissues are taken from the abdomen, thinned, and injected under the skin of the penis. Fat injection brings some problems:

  • Structural Deformity :The penis is a mobile organ. Movements of the penis in the vagina can cause the fat injected into the penis to lump and deform in certain areas. On the other hand, while the fat in a certain area of ​​the penis dissolves, others may remain. For this reason, disproportionate shapes may occur in the penis.
  • Dissolving of Fats: We know that fat grafts completely disappear in 60-70% of patients at the end of 6 months. In addition, we observe that in a significant part of the patients, 50-60% of the amount of fat is dissolved. Remaining fat in the form of nodules and remaining in disproportionate areas may cause an unaesthetic appearance in the penis.
  • Displacement of Fats: There is a relationship between the penis, scrotum, and anterior abdominal wall. For this reason, the fats injected under the skin of the penis can move to different places, causing deformities and the need for re-surgical intervention.

2) Enriched Fat Injection (CRL/Cell-Rich Lipofilling)

Cell density determines the life of fat grafts. Because fat grafts consist of fat lobules and cells. The living parts of these tissues are cells. Cells feed on nutrients from the surrounding tissue and survive. The cells in the fat grafts remain between the fat lobules and die if they cannot reach oxygen or nutrients. This causes the fat graft to dissolve. If they are not supported by living cells around the fat droplets, they will suddenly disappear within 6 months. The cell density of the fat tissues taken from the patients is increased and their permanence is aimed to be longer with the technique applied only in our clinic. This technique increases the survival time of the fat tissue, the possibility of survival and non-dissolving. It should be kept in mind that deformities can also be seen with enriched fat and the fat tissue can be displaced.

3) Filler Injection

One of the most commonly used methods in penis thickening is filler injections. Fillers containing ready-made “hyaluronic acid” can be used, as well as fillers called “bio-filler” obtained from the person’s blood. It should be kept in mind that the life of the fillers is between 12 months and 60 months, depending on the type of filler used.

4) Penile Thickening with a Patch

The most important problem in penis thickening is permanence. Research for penis thickening continues today. In our clinic, we have developed a special technique; a permanent thickening process is performed with a special material that has been used in penile curvature for years. Thanks to this procedure, a more permanent improvement between 3-6 cm is provided. Besides that, the results will be compatible with the penis. Among the techniques used in the routine, the most applicable and the best aesthetic technique is penile thickening with a patch. Our clinic has been one of the leading clinics in the discovery and development of the technique.

5) Thickening with Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is the name given to the production of special tissues in high-tech laboratories. Although tissue engineering products are the most ideal penis thickening method today; permission requirements from the Ministry of Health for the application and the very high production costs reduce its preferability. All the techniques required for tissue engineering can be applied in our clinic with our high regenerative medicine infrastructure.

What Are The Factors That Determine Penis Size?

Penile smooth muscle tone is the most important factor determining penile length in the lowered state. The hardening parts of the penis consist of 3 structures:

  • Blood Vessel
  • Nerve
  • Smooth Muscle

When the penis is going to be erect, the nerve tissue stimulates, the smooth muscle relaxes with this stimulation, and blood fills the blood vessels. Smooth muscles are in a contracted state except during erection. Basically, the intensity of the contraction of these muscles determines the length of the penis in the lowered state. The most important factor that determines the length of the erect penis is your genetics. Many factors such as environmental factors and hormonal status can affect the penis size positively or negatively.

Until What Age Does The Penis Grow?

The development of the penis begins especially with the onset of puberty when the testosterone hormone increases, and the growth rate is high in the early stages of puberty. Although the development of the penis slows down in the following periods, it continues until the end of puberty, to the age of 19-20.

However, in cases with a hormonal disease, the development of the penis can also occur in the following years with hormone treatments. This does not apply to people with normal hormone levels. Taking too much hormone does not grow the penis.

Penis Thickening Methods Is It Size Or Function?

A penis with normal erection functions is indispensable for a healthy sexual life. When men have sexual problems, they sometimes think that this is related to penis size. There are some underlying reasons for this:

  • The inability of the penis to reach full erection in men with erectile dysfunction and the thought that the length of the penis is short due to this.
  • Negative experiences in cases with premature ejaculation lead the person to negative thoughts about penis size.
  • Negative feedback from partners after negative sexual experiences.
  • Insufficient penis thickness.

Penis thickness is at least as important as penis size. There should be sufficient penis thickness for the clitoral orgasm we mentioned in the previous section. It is very important for people who come with a request for penis enlargement to be evaluated together with their partners and to be treated together if necessary.

In the light of all this information, it is not possible to talk about the ideal penis size. Regardless of the age of men, the desire to have a larger penis should be accepted as natural.

We detect sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation) in a significant number of patients who apply to our clinic with a request for penis enlargement. In these cases, in our routine, we recommend that our patients be treated for sexual dysfunction first, and penis enlargement surgery be performed after 3 months.

Because we know that men whose sexual functions return to normal usually give up their requests for penis enlargement. If patients do not want to wait, we state that it is important to treat erection problems together with penile enlargement surgeries in terms of maximizing patient and partner satisfaction.

How Can The Presence of Micropenis Or Buried Penis Be Detected?

Micropenis is the name given to the penis with a length of 4 cm or less. In the presence of micropenis, patients should definitely undergo detailed hormone tests and if necessary, genetic tests. Micropenis is an important problem that should be treated by an experienced team. It should not be forgotten that this situation contains a signal that the reproductive potential of the patients may be affected negatively and should be followed carefully.

A buried penis is a condition characterized by changing dietary habits in recent years, sedentary life brought by modern life, excessive increase in the fat tissue on the upper part of the penis due to estrogens taken from the environment, and the embedding of the penis into the adipose tissue. Buried penis is an issue that should be considered and applied to a healthcare institution, as it can bring important health problems such as insulin intolerance due to increased adipose tissue.

Penis Enlargement Surgery: Post-Op Care and Possible Side Effects

Penis enlargement surgery does not have more risks than any standard surgery. Patients are not likely to experience erectile dysfunction in the future. It is sufficient to stay in the hospital for 1 night after penis enlargement surgery. You can return to your work in about 1 week and to your sexual life 1 month later after these surgeries. Our patients coming from outside the city or abroad can return to their countries after staying in Istanbul for 1 day.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Prices in Istanbul

Penis enlargement surgery is frequently performed especially in Istanbul and its cost is curious among the candidates. There are multiple methods for penis enlargement surgery as we stated in our article. It is necessary to examine the patient, determine the anatomical structure of the patient and listen carefully to the patient’s expectations to decide on the right technique for our patients. For this reason, examining patients and giving price information without a face-to-face meeting will bring unhealthy results.

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