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Penile Cosmetic Surgery (Penoplasty) - Dr. Yaşar Başağa
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Penile Cosmetic Surgery (Penoplasty)

Penile cosmetic surgery, also known as penoplasty, is a surgical intervention to improve male sexual organ functionality and to offer a more aesthetic look. Penile cosmetic surgery is performed to alter the small, thin, or curved look of the penis.

Patients might experience sexual dysfunction due to penis shape, and this might lead to stress and anxiety during sexual intercourse. Increased stress and anxiety levels might lead to self-confidence problems and even serious psychological effects, such as depression.

This might drive men away from engaging in sexual intercourse, and men might have problems with their partners. If these problems are prolonged, men might experience sexual health problems. Penoplasty, which has been preferred by many patients in recent years, helps to eliminate this anxiety and promise a healthy sexual life.

What is a Normal Penis Size?

When making a penile cosmetic surgery decision, it is important to answer the following question: What is a normal penis size? Penis size changes among men, but the average non-erect penis should be 5–6 cm. Erect penises can be 12–14 cm, since length and thickness will be increased.

For the average erect penis, 12 cm or above is considered normal. A penis size under 11 cm is considered short. While penis thickness changes among men, the average is 4–5 cm. Penis thickness below this measurement is considered thin. Penile cosmetic surgery performed to a penis size which is below the reference values will yield good results.

What are Penoplasty Surgeries?

Penoplasty surgeries can be divided into 3 groups: penile enlargement, penile thickening, and penile curvature correction.

  • Penile Enlargement: This operation is performed on men with a penis size below the reference value or for men who want to have a longer penis. There are two methods. The first method involves cutting the ligament between the penis and pelvic bone and bringing the penis forward. The second method involves removing the fat at the base of the penis to shape the penis and give it a longer look.
  • Penile Thickening:A penile thickening operation can be performed with 3 different methods—fat transfer, tissue transfer (tissue engineering),and filler injection. This operation gives volume to a penis with below-average thickness.
  • Penile Curvature Correction:Penile curvature can be caused by incorrect circumcision, an accident, trauma, surgery, or vitamin deficiency, and this operation uses implants and plication techniques to correct the curvature.

In which Cases are Penoplasty Surgeries Performed?

Before penoplasty operations, the patient will undergo urologic examinations, and certain tests and patient’s complaints are considered. If there are no problems, the most accurate penoplasty surgery is identified by the andrologist and urologist, depending on the patient’s complaints.

Men with micro, thin, short, or curved penile complaints can achieve the penis they desire with penile cosmetic surgeries. Penoplasty surgery is not only performed on men with this problem. Men who are not satisfied with their penis size or thickness can undergo penile cosmetic surgery. The only condition for this operation is to have good general health. Other than that, men can undergo a penoplasty operation based on personal preferences.

Penile Aesthetics - Penis Length Extension

How Does a Penoplasty Operation go?

The patient is examined by the doctor, and necessary tests are conducted. Then, the most suitable penile cosmetic surgery is identified. Penile cosmetic surgeries, which are mostly performed under general anesthesia, are as follows:

  • Penile Enlargement Operation: This operation is performed in two ways. The first method involves cutting the tendon between the penis and pelvis to achieve 2–3 cm of elongation. The second method involves using liposuction to remove excess fat around the groin area to reveal the penis. This operation will give 2 cm of elongation. This elongation will not change the erect penis size.
  • Penile Thickening Operation: This operation is performed using three different methods. The aim is to create a thicker-looking penis when erect and not erect. The first method involves collecting fat tissue from different areas of the body with liposuction and injecting these tissues subcutaneously. The second method is filler injection. A special filler material is injected into the suitable areas on the penis. The third method is tissue transfer, which involves tissue collected from the patient’s body, which is then transferred between the fat tissue on the penis. Additionally, penile thickening is possible using tissue engineering, which involves producing special tissues in special laboratories.
  • Penile Curvature Correction Operation: In this operation, the penile curvature is corrected by the plication of the curved side. If penile curvature is too great, there might be 1–2 cm of shortening after the operation.

Recovery After Penile Enlargement and Thickening Surgery

Penoplasty operations performed due to aesthetic concerns or sexual health concerns do not cause any loss of sensation.The things to consider after penile cosmetic surgery are as follows:

  • The operation area must be kept clean and dry, and the wound dressing must be changed regularly.
  • The recommended medications must be used.
  • The patient must wear comfortable clothes and underwear.
  • The patient must not shower for 3 days after the penile cosmetic surgery. Showering with hot water is not recommended for 1 week.
  • The patient must avoid exercising for 20 days.

The complications that might occur after penile enlargement and penile thickening surgeries are as follows:

  • The patient might experience an infection.
  • Wound healing can take a long time.
  • There might be fat necrosis when penile thickening is performed with fat injection. This could, though rarely, cause penile curvature or fibrosis.

Penile Cosmetic Surgery Prices

Penile cosmetic surgery is a surgery shaped by the desire of the individual and performed after establishing a good doctor–patient relationship. One of the things asked by individuals who want to have a penoplasty is the relevant prices.

There are various possible operations, and prices depend on the selected method, the hospital in which the operation will be performed, the doctor and the team, and the material and equipment necessary.

Therefore, it is not possible to give exact figures for penile cosmetic surgery prices. Individuals who want penile cosmetic surgery should consider the specialist doctor’s experience and quality rather than simply prices.

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