Dr. Yaşar Başağa graduated from the Hacettepe University School of Medicine in 2014 and started his residency at the Erciyes University School of Medicine Department of Urology in the same year. Dr. Yaşar Başağa focused on andrology and the functional urology fields in his academic and occupational studies throughout his studies, and he successfully completed his residency in December 2019. He has had the chance to engage in intense training and practice on male sexual health, male infertility, and urethral stricture throughout his education and occupational life.

Op. Dr. Yaşar Başağa

Dr. Yaşar Başağa is interested in new regenerative medicine approaches and technological advancement, and he started his PhD education at the Erciyes University Centre of Genome and Stem Cell “Stem Cell Sciences” program in 2018. During this time, he received intense theoretical and practical training in stem cell biology, stem cell treatment, and gene treatment.

He completed his job for Ministry of Health, which started in 2020, at Kayseri City Hospital in 2021. He was the surgeon with the greatest number of “A group” surgeries during his work at Kayseri City Hospital. During his work in this hospital, he performed penile prosthetic implantation surgery, surgeries for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, aestethic penile surgeries, and urethroplasty and created an infrastructure for growth in this field by organizing training sessions in these fields. He transformed the hospital into a reference clinic for male sexual health, male infertility, and urethra stricture.

Dr. Yaşar Başağa has focused on academic work throughout his career and participated in numerous national and international conferences, courses, and symposiums in the andrology and functional urology fields. Furthermore, he has participated in numerous national meetings as a speaker regarding his work in the stem cell and andrology fields.

He has been treating patients at the Op.Dr.Yaşar Başağa  Istanbul since November 2021. He is working as a Assistant Professor at the Nişantaşı University School of Medicine to successfully sustain and improve his academic work and to transfer his experience and knowledge to the next generations.

Op.Dr.Yaşar Başağa closely follows the current diagnosis and treatment protocols in Europe and received a Fellow of European Board of Urology competency diploma awarded by the European Association of Urology.

His scientific institution memberships are as follows:

  • European Society of Sexual Medicine,
  • European Association of Urology,
  • American Association of Urology,
  • Turkish Association of Urology,
  • Turkish Association of Andrology.