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Comments - Dr. Yaşar Başağa
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  • My treatment process was very good

    My treatment process was very good, ı hope it would be continued like that...

  • My treatment proces was very good

    I very well welcomed in Dr. Yaşar’s Clinic and my treatment proces was very good. I especially liked Mr. Furkan’s aproach to the patients he was favor. Everyone can be treated at this clinic wi...

  • I am very pleased with your customer welcome, interest, and hospitality

    I am very pleased with your customer welcome, interest, and hospitality. Special thanks to Mr. Onur. The surgery was well. I hope I would be satisfied in the future. Thank you very much to all ...

  • Dr. Yasar Thanks

    I would like to thanks to Dr. Yasar and his team. They took care very friendly from beginning of the surgery to end of operation. The interest of the team before and after the surgery process w...

  • I Wholeheartedly Recommend it to Everyone.

    The entire team was very dedicated, polite, pleasant, and well-organized. In the future, I'll definitely recommend it to my friends and family. I appreciate everything you did....

  • Thanks to Turkey's most reliable doctor.

    I would like to many thanks to Dr. Yaşar and his team to their attention and to show interest in. I have been satisfied because of their behaviour made me relax even though I'm not used to Turk...

  • He is friendly and very good at his job.

    When my doctors was in the state hospital, I had an operation related to private life. It never felt like a government hospital. He is friendly and very good at his job. I would definitely reco...

  • A great choice

    My surgery process was very good at Dr. Yaşar Başağa. They provided very good solutions to my complaint in a very short time. I felt safe there. His team was very polite and professional....

  • You can be treated with peace of mind.

    My father had prostate disease, he needed to have surgery, he speaks very informatively and helpfully during the examination. He was very helpful both before and after the surgery . You can be ...

  • It's been the 2nd year of my surgery, I have achieved a permanent thickness.

    I had previously had penis enlargement surgery in another hospital for penis enlargement. I had thickened with oil injection, but the oils melted after a while. Dr. Yasar Basaga made me thicken...

  • Now I can get an erection without using drugs.

    I have had erectile dysfunction for many years due to venous leakage. I've had dorsal vein ligation surgery before, but I didn't see any benefit. Dr. Yaşar Başağa told me how detailed venous su...

  • I hope the number of doctors like Dr. Yaşar will increase.

    We applied for my son's circumcision. In fact, we did not know that circumcision should be done so meticulously. We were very pleased with the information before the circumcision and the follow...

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Urologist and Andrologist in Istanbul
Dr. Yaşar Başağa, MD, FEBU+90(505) 066 0101
Ataköy 7-8-9-10 Mh. Selenium Retro Plaza, A Blok Kat:15 No:179 Bakırköy İstanbul Türkiye
Email: info@yasarbasaga.com

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Dr. Yaşar Başağa, MD, FEBUDr. Yaşar Başağa, MD, FEBUUrologist and Andrologist in Istanbul
+90505 066 0101
+90505 066 0101