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Penile Enlargement with Tissue Engineering - Dr. Yaşar Başağa
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Penile Enlargement with Tissue Engineering

Penile enlargement with tissu engineering is a modern technique for creating new functional tissue from autologous cells, resulting in an increase in penile circumference.

Penile enhancement surgery is an area frequently preferred by men in recent years. Transplanting autologous cells onto a biodegradable scaffold with the right structural rigidity induces the three-dimensional creation of new, functional, autologous tissue, according to recent research.

Enhanced cells taken from the scrotum have the ability to move into a biocompatible and biodegradable scaffold, produce viable tissue, and initiate the scaffold's breakdown to promote the formation of entirely normal tissue without inflammation.

The clinical experience with this innovative treatment strategy for penile circumference augmentation shows its excellent safety, reproducibility, superior aesthetic outcomes, minimal morbidity, and reduced rate of postoperative problems in comparison to previously recognized treatments.

What is Penile Enlargement?

Mostly, penis enlargement surgery is preferred in males whose penis does not function due to a congenital defect or accident, or who have aesthetic concerns. There are numerous advertisements about goods and surgeries. Several penis pumps, sexual medicine, workouts, and surgical procedures promise to improve penile length and breadth. The majority of the advertised methods do not work. And some can cause penile injury.

Common causes of complex urogenital and penile abnormalities include congenital, traumatic, or malignant illness, as well as gender confirmation operations. Because of the anatomical and functional intricacy of the human phallus, reconstructing these individuals offers special difficulties.

Current techniques for penile reconstruction predominantly involve pedicled and free microsurgical skin flaps, which are restricted in their capacity to recapitulate the intricate architecture of the penis and result in severe morbidity at the donor site. Particularly challenging for these techniques is the reconstruction of complicated urogenital tissues. Dr. Yaşar Başağa is a pioneer in this new field and helps his patients.

What are Surgical Penile Enlargement Techniques?

Examples of penis enlargement surgical procedures include:

1)Cutting the suspensory ligament: Cutting the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to your pelvis is one of the most common surgical methods of penis lengthening. With this process, the dysfunctional skin is transferred to the penile shaft. When this tissue is separated, it appears longer because it droops more. The resulting difference can reach up to 3-4 cm.

However, it has some risks if not performed by an experienced surgeon. In order for your penis to be free, this ligament must be cut by 90% and the veins in the back part should not be damaged. After an unsuccessful application, you may experience discomfort during sexual activity. This procedure is sometimes combined with other operations, such as removing excess fat from the pelvis.

2)Penile implants:  Penile prostheses are actually one of the preferred methods to eliminate the erection problem and are usually known as the last shot. It is performed with penile implants placed under the skin of the penis. It is also known as the "happiness stick" among the people that have erectile dysfunction in Turkey.

3)Fat injection: A treatment to enlarge the penis includes injecting fat from a fleshy portion of the body into the penile shaft. A portion of the injected fat may be redistributed unevenly or reabsorbed by the body. This might result in a penis with a curved, irregular form and appearance. Scarring and issues with feeling and erection strength can also occur.

4)Penile enlargement with fillers: People who do not want to spend a long recovery period may prefer this method with the help of medical fillers. Injected with fine-tipped needles or with a cannula. They have minimal side effects, but the effect may diminish over time.

What is Tissue Engineering?

How is Tissue Engineering Performed?

Tissue engineering is roughly the process of producing the missing tissues in your body in a laboratory environment and transplanting them back to you. Along with the rapid technological developments, significant results are also obtained in this field.

If you decide to have penis enlargement with tissue engineering surgery as a result of your consultation with your surgeon, you must have certain permissions from the relevant ministry. Because this type of cellular therapy cannot be applied freely and is under control. Your tissues produced by experienced specialists in a highly equipped center are transferred to your body after being checked.

What are tissue engineering applications?

The main application areas of tissue engineering are:

  • Transplantation of isolated or cultured cells.
  • Transplantation of tissues obtained from your cells and some body structures in a special laboratory.
  • Ensuring that the tissue develops and renews itself in the region where it is located.

How much does penile enlargement with tissue engineering cost?

Tissue engineering is a new and innovative technique developed in recent years, so it is applied in centers with high technology. In this respect, the cost of the treatment may vary depending on the experience of the surgeon, the hospital, and the laboratory performing the application.

What are the most important advantages of penis enlargement with tissue engineering compared to other methods?

We mentioned above that tissue engineering is a safe, high-quality, and successful field. It is also known to give more permanent and aesthetic results compared to other penis enlargement methods. For example, the fat or filler injected in the fat injection procedure may be displaced later, causing an uneven appearance.

If you are interested in penis enlargement with tissue engineering, we promise you a quality and safe treatment with Dr. Yaşar Başağa's expertise. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Dr. Yaşar Başağa, MD, FEBU
Urologist and Andrologist in Istanbul
Dr. Yaşar Başağa graduated from the Hacettepe University School of Medicine in 2014 and started his residency at the Erciyes University School of Medicine Department of Urology in the same year.

Dr. Yaşar Başağa focused on andrology and the functional urology fields in his academic and occupational studies throughout his studies, and he successfully completed his residency in December 2019.

He has had the chance to engage in intense training and practice on male sexual health, male infertility, and urethral stricture throughout his education and occupational life. 
Urologist and Andrologist in Istanbul

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