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Have a Happy Sexual Life With a Penile Implant - Dr. Yaşar Başağa
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Have a Happy Sexual Life With a Penile Implant

Your sexual life has been interrupted by erectile dysfunction and this is bothering you a lot. However, the solution you're looking for is perhaps closer than you think.

According to the feedback of many people, it is not a dream to have a sexual desire with an effective penile implant. We can easily say yes to this before we start: Is penile implant surgery worth it? Before presenting the source of the solution, it is useful to know a little about it.

Men with erectile dysfunction can get an erection with the help of penile implants. These are devices that are put inside the penis. When other treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) don't work, penile implants are often the next step.

The most common types of them are either malleable or inflatable. Each kind of penile implant has a different way of working and different pros and cons. Surgery is needed to insert them. Before you decide to get penile implants, make sure you know what surgery entails, including any risks, complications, and aftercare.

Increasing his recognition throughout the country and abroad with his successful studies in the field of Urology, Op. Dr. Yaşar Başağa brought liveliness and joy to the lives of his patients with his expertness, also known as the "happiness stick", in treating erectile dysfunction.

If You Have Erection Problems, You Are Not Alone

About 70% of the men in Turkey have erectile dysfunction, so it's not a rare thing. It is known that there is an erection issue, especially between the ages of 40 and 70, and this indicator proves that the issue is directly proportional to old age.

ED (erectile dysfunction) is caused by many things, all of which you probably know if you're reading this article. You probably already know that some cases are more stubborn than others and won't go away no matter what you do, even if you change your lifestyle or take medicine.

As we said just before, if you are in this group, now is not the time to give up in despair. Penile implant surgery is a good solution that lets you do what you used to do naturally, without having to take some pills. Besides, penile implant costs may not be as much as you think.

Factors Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading factors that cause erectile dysfunction in men. It is known that some of the patients who have this problem also have diabetes.

Although they have a lower percentage compared to these two factors, some drugs, past surgeries, nervous diseases, and testosterone deficiency also affect erectile dysfunction.

Some important factors that cause erectile dysfunction;

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Malnutrition
  • Bad lifestyle
  • Excessive alcohol and cigarette use
  • Testosterone deficiency

best penile implant

What is the Best Penile Implant ?

Inflatable penile implants can alleviate any anxiety you or your spouse may have about the potential visibility of a flexible device. You have some choices as below:

1) Semi-Rigid Prosthesis:

  • Consists of 2 flexible cylinders.
  • Semirigid implant has low cost since it has no technological part.
  • It is mostly seen in elderly patients due to ease of use.
  • It is not recommended for diabetics cause providing permanent erection, it may cause injury to the tip of the penis.

2) Two-Piece Penile Implant:

  • Since it does not have reservoirs, it is not possible for it to expand transversely and longitudinally.
  • It can expand as much as the width of its cylindrical structure.
  • It does not provide nonstop erections like semirigid penile prosthesis, but it does not look as natural as a 3-piece "happiness stick".

3) Three-Piece Penile Prosthesis:

  • The most common one among inflatable prostheses is the 3-piece one.
  • It has body cylinders, pump, and reservoir in its structure.
  • It can expand not only transversely, but also both widthwise and lengthwise.
  • The answer to the question of "how the 3-piece penile implant works" is “by squeezing the pump 5-6 times during sexual intercourse, the liquid fills the cylinder from the chamber in the abdomen and thus erection is experienced”.
  • After the sexual act, the "happiness stick" is lowered by pressing the button on the pump.
  • With the 3-piece penile prosthesis, it is possible to get the closest result to a natural erection.

Before having any penile prosthesis, if the patient has a disease such as prostate, diabetes, high blood pressure, and urinary tract infection, it should be treated.

"What is the cost of a penile implant?"

Penile prosthesis fees vary according to the type of implant and the consultation between the patient and the doctor.

“Can those who get a penile implant have children?”

Penile prostheses do not change the testosterone level of the patients. Therefore, it does not have a negative effect on sperm production. Anyone with sufficient semen quality can have children after having a penile prosthesis.

You know about the procedure now, but you still wonder “Does a penile implant feel the same?”. The answer is yes, your penis sensation won't be changed.

Another question you may have: “Can penile implants increase size?” You can erect, but your penis size will remain the same after surgery. You can look at penis enlargement surgery for this topic.



If you want to get rid of your erection problem and have consistent sexual activity again, rush to meet Op. Dr. Yaşar Başağa.

Dr. Yaşar Başağa, MD, FEBU
Urologist and Andrologist in Istanbul
Dr. Yaşar Başağa graduated from the Hacettepe University School of Medicine in 2014 and started his residency at the Erciyes University School of Medicine Department of Urology in the same year.

Dr. Yaşar Başağa focused on andrology and the functional urology fields in his academic and occupational studies throughout his studies, and he successfully completed his residency in December 2019.

He has had the chance to engage in intense training and practice on male sexual health, male infertility, and urethral stricture throughout his education and occupational life. 
Urologist and Andrologist in Istanbul

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