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Causes of Male Interfility and Treatment Options - Dr. Yaşar Başağa
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Causes of Male Interfility and Treatment Options

Male infertility can be defined as the inability of a man to get his partner pregnant. This problem is usually caused by a decrease in your sperm count or a decrease in the motility of your sperm. However, hormonal irregularities, trauma, tuberculosis, hereditary factors, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases can also be counted among the causes of infertility.

If you cannot have a child and you are looking for a solution, you should first go through a detailed examination and tell the doctor your sexual history. After the medical examination, the first thing to be performed is semen analysis. Since the evaluation and treatment of women in infertility is a more difficult and complicated, examining the man first in couples helps in faster progress. You should take a break of sexual intercourse for about 1 week. Then, your semen analysis will be done, the appropriate treatment method will be determined and it will be possible to reach the result faster.

Male factors play a role in the causes of interphilia at an average rate of 50%. In males, reproduction begins in the hypothalamus of the brain, continues with the pituitary gland, and ends in the testicles. So if you are experiencing infertility, this whole system may need to be examined to determine the cause.

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What are the Causes of Infertility in Men?

As we mentioned above, male infertility occurs as a result of a series of processes. If the source of your problem is a pre-testicular cause, it is usually a hormonal disorder. Pituitary-related diseases, tumors, and some hereditary diseases can also be included in this group.

Everything that develops due to the functioning of the testis and prevents you from producing sperm causes you to be infertile. Infections, surgical interventions, traumas, exposure to radiation, high temperature, various chemical drugs and substances can be counted among them.

In addition, a condition that suppresses the ejection of semen produced in your testicles is classified as a cause of post-testicular infertility. The conditions observed in this title can be counted as sperm motility disorder, damage to the sperm duct as a result of infection, conditions related to deformity of the penis, prostate and other causes.

Treatment Methods in Male Infertility

Planning for your infertility treatment may vary depending on the source of the problem and the result of your sperm measurement. If there is any other ailment that causes interfilitis, it must first be identified and, if possible, treated.

There are different ways to treat infertility in men. Medicine, injection and vaccination are the main ones. In addition, some auxiliary methods are also used. In vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection, micro-tese surgery are some of these assisted reproductive techniques.

1) Medication for Male Infertility

Medicated treatment of male infertility can only be applied if there is a hormonal disorder. If the hormones that regulate your sperm production decrease, this situation needs to be intervened. As a result of this treatment, which lasts for about 2 years, sperm production is ensured in your semen.

2) Needle Therapy

Again, if there is a hormonal disorder, injection therapy may be preferred in addition to drug treatment in order to restore your missing hormones. Similarly, it is a process that can span 2 years, so you need to be patient.

3) Vaccination Treatment

If the sperm count in your semen is more than 10 million and there is no morphological defect, vaccination treatment can be used. Your sperm is taken and purified from the toxic wastes in it. The aim here is to increase the rate of quality sperm. These sperm are then released through the cervix of your partner.

In order for this method to be applied correctly, your partner must also be healthy and the quality of ovulation must be at a normal level. It is an easy-to-apply method, but it is not used frequently because the success rate is not very high.What are the Causes of Infertility in Men

4) Treatment with Assisted Reproductive Techniques

IVF, in-vitro fertilization, is based on combining the egg taken from your partner and the cleaned sperm in a tube. The sperm is closer to the egg, reaches it by moving again and fertilization takes place.

In another technique called microinjection, your sperm are examined under a microscope and the healthiest ones are selected. These are then placed in the egg. It is one of the most used methods in the treatment of infertility in recent years.

Another method under this title is selected sperm microinjection with high microscopic magnification (IMSI). What is different from IVF treatment is that more successful choices can be made by examining your sperm more closely under the microscope.

In this way, it is possible to see some structural defects that cannot be noticed in sperm and to make a more accurate selection. If you have a serious sperm problem, a limited number of eggs can be obtained from your partner, or if you have tried the in vitro fertilization method and failed, you may prefer this method.

The name of the last method is micro-tese surgery. If there is no sperm in your semen, sperm can be obtained by removing tissue from your testicles. In the procedure, your testicles are opened, sperm channels are checked, and sperm are taken from the appropriate ones. It is a work with 50% success rate. The surgery may take about 2 hours until the correct sperm are found. Since it is a surgical procedure, it is very important to follow your doctor's instructions.

If you are experiencing infertility and want to get rid of this problem and have a child, choose Dr. Yaşar Başağa, one of the best doctors in the treatment of male infertility. No need to delay your dreams. Contact us now and get a free consultation.

Dr. Yaşar Başağa, MD, FEBU
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Dr. Yaşar Başağa graduated from the Hacettepe University School of Medicine in 2014 and started his residency at the Erciyes University School of Medicine Department of Urology in the same year.

Dr. Yaşar Başağa focused on andrology and the functional urology fields in his academic and occupational studies throughout his studies, and he successfully completed his residency in December 2019.

He has had the chance to engage in intense training and practice on male sexual health, male infertility, and urethral stricture throughout his education and occupational life. 
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